100s in Dartmoor Trespass



Hundreds to take part in mass trespass on Dartmoor​

Hundreds of people campaigning for the right to roam in England are to descend on Dartmoor to highlight the absurdity of the current law.

Organisers say it will be the largest mass trespass in a generation and will see supporters gathering at Vixen Tor in Devon on February 24.

The trespass will cross a section of private land to get to a piece of land that has a right of access but that currently no-one can get to without trespassing.

Campaign group the Right to Roam said there were around 2,500 of these ‘access islands’ in England where the public have a right to roam, but no legal right to get to them.
So are you saying that its OK for strangers to tramp through your house, until you ask them to leave that is...
No one will be tramping through anyone house. Dartmoor is huge and all they want to do
if be able to walk across barren open land.
Well I have a big garden, should they be allowed to tramp around that?
At the end of the day Trespassing is Trespassing and it cannot be one law for those who live by it and another law for those who have no regard for the law.
I don't think your garden is 300 square miles big.
Anyway the courts agreed with them and they can roam over the moorland.