Rishi Sunak's biggest failure



Rishi Sunak's biggest failure unearthed as General Election defeat explained.​

Rishi Sunak's failure to settle NHS strikes could have proved fatal for the Tories, pollsters believe.
A top expert said the health service was "the story of the election" as fed-up voters decided enough
was enough. A third of voters believe failing to tackle waiting lists was among the biggest mistakes
he made, according to a snap poll.

The Conservatives were punished for the state of the NHS, despite it being "underplayed" during the
campaign, analysis suggests. Luke Tryl, director of More in Common, said: "The NHS is undeniably the
story of this election. And I could have told you that from many, focus groups... everyone had a story
about a family member who was struggling on a waiting list."

He went on: "The most powerful things in politics are things that people can relate to personally, and
the NHS is there." It raises questions about whether Mr Sunak could have prevented the mauling if he'd
addressed strikes.
His biggest failure was not knowing the words to this, otherwise he might of been offered a job.