More Renovating...


I had lengthy discussions with the wife about renovating in order to get a better price when we sell up and move to a retirement apartment. Well one thing led to another and to be honest it was a "why didnt I keep my mouth shut" moment. The place is clean and tidy but me in my infident wisdom said it could do with a freshen up.
Now We have ordered new flooring for the upstairs and paint for the computer room, stairway and hall.
To give you an idea of the floor space its the master bedroom, the computer room and the guest room with a total floor space of 48 square meters.
Now the "one who must be obeyed" has asked me to give the living/dining room a lick of paint! I havnt started the other work yet and she's picking a colour scheme, from that it went to new flooring in the the downstairs bedroom which I feel sure a lick of paint will precede it!

Who said retirement and old age was easy?
The secret is to do one job at a time and only when you feel like it. Its quite satisfying to DIY and save loads of money, but you have to be motivated and be in the mood.
What makes me mad is the weather. Some years ago I changed our bathroom. Took out the bath and put in a "Walk in Shower". This entailed re-tiling the whole room. It took me 2 weeks. The weather was wet for some time before I started, but the minute I took up my tools it amazingly got sunny and warm. Needless to say this lasted exactly 2 weeks and the rain duelley greeted me on completion of the job. Here in the westcountry we certainly get our fair share of rain, the tricky part is to try and dodge it. Look on the bright side and enjoy the experience.
Walk in Shower, now thats a funny term if ever there was one. We have a walk in shower in the downstairs bathroom but a cubicle shower (is that the right term?) upstairs and I have always wondered about the terminology Walk In Shower/ Closet/ Wardrobe and so forth as I have to walk in to my showers no matter which one I use. OK I suppose I could get drunk and crawl in but that would rather defeat the object.
Anyway moving along, the hallway has had its first coat of paint and soon to get its top coat. Then I await on the new flooring to arrive, not going to proceed with the painting until the old flooring is up and I am not taking that up until the new flooring has arrived.
I agree with the walk in shower bit. I laugh and say how stupid every time an advert for once comes on.
What other kind of shower is there!
I also don't get these 'walk in baths'. That means you walk into an empty bath, sit there while it fills probably
scalding your legs as you turned the hot on too much, and then having to sit in the dirty bath water while it
empties, I don't get it.
Anyway back to my renovating........
Hall now painted, just all the fittings to put back which will be tomorrow morning as I am too old and tired to do it now :)